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Pale Rider Leather crafting specializes in all-leather, handmade accessories.  Our product line includes several handmade accessory items, including purses, messenger bags and personal electronics cases. The Pale Rider line utilizes 4-6 oz. saddle-grade steer-hide, hand-carved and hand-stitched using classic, saddle-maker's techniques. Our designs reflect a range of designs inspired by the cowboy folk art known as Sheridan Style carving.  Our products also features designs inspired by iconic films (e.g. Fritz Lang's Metropolis), and rock art carvings from Roman and Greek antiquity.  The result is a unique line of very durable and decorative pieces that represent the very finest in leather handcrafts.

Monty Mickelson, Proprietor                               Portland Oregon 



Best In Show, Oregon State Fair 2014 

(Creative Living & Crafts Division)



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